DGA Chair Welcomes Chafee to Join Dems

Mar 7, 2013

Lincoln Chafee-Peter Shumlin

The head of the Democratic Governors Association is encouraging Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, an Independent, to become a Democrat.

DGA Chairman Governor Peter Shumlin, of Vermont, this week described Chafee as "a very thoughtful person" with strong ties to Democratic governors and President Barack Obama. Shumlin told The Associated Press, "We would welcome him to the Democratic Party."

Chafee says he's considering the switch, but offered no timeline for a decision when asked this week. He's facing his first reelection test in 20 months. Chafee won his first term in 2010 with 36 percent of the vote.

Shumlin, as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, becomes the most prominent national voice to encourage Chafee to become a Democrat.

Chafee, a former Republican senator, is the nation's only independent governor.

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