DiNapoli explains frozen gun investments in pension fund

Jan 17, 2013

Comptroller Tom DiNapoli
Credit Courtesy NYS OSC

Just two days after New York legislators passed first-in-the-nation gun law reforms in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, the state’s chief financial officer says pension fund investments in firearm companies have been frozen. Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli spoke on WAMC’s Capitol Connection program.

“Since Newtown, our holdings in Smith and Wesson were sold, so that we don’t have any other holdings there, and we put a freeze on our holdings in Strum Ruger, which is the other commercial firearm manufacturer that we had," DiNapoli said. "Modest holdings, not a huge amount, but we’re going to continue to assess and look at what’s happening with all of our holdings that may impact this industry.”

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