Efforts to Provide Emotional Support Following Last Year’s Disasters Continue

Jul 10, 2012

It’s been just over a year since spring flooding and nearly a year since Tropical Storm Irene devastated parts of the region. While the physical evidence of last year’s storms may have faded,  there are still many people dealing with the aftermath.  Project Hope crisis counselors continue to work in Essex and Clinton counties aiding in the psychological recovery from the storm.

The Project Hope Crisis Counseling Program is a project of the New York State Office of Mental Health. Counselors work one-on-one with individuals or groups to provide emotional support in the aftermath of disasters. Project Hope Team Leader and Crisis Counselor Dale Dowdle says there have been a number of challenges in reaching storm victims in Essex and Clinton Counties.

Crisis Counselor Fred Balzac.

Dale Dowdle says emotional and physical stresses continue even though the storm and flooding have long passed.

Dale Dowdle and  Fred Balzac say Project Hope counselors plan to celebrate progress made since Tropical Storm Irene.

Thirteen of the 37 counties in New York affected by Tropical Storm Irene participate in Project Hope.