"Emily & Herman: A Literary Romance" by John J. Healey

Mar 27, 2013

    The new novel, Emily & Herman, is a romantic account of Emily Dickinson and Herman Melville’s relationship.

In the book, it is the summer of 1851 Herman Melville was finishing Moby Dick on his family farm in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts. Surrounded by his mother, sisters and pregnant wife, it was a calm and productive season until his neighbor Nathaniel Hawthorne lured him to Amherst. There they met twenty-year-old Emily Dickinson and her brother Austin.

On a whim, the two distinguished authors invited the Dickinson siblings to accompany them on a trip to Boston and New York. In Manhattan they met journalist Walt Whitman and William Johnson, a runaway slave, and it was there, despite their efforts to control it, that Emily and Herman fell in love.

John J. Healey joins us.