Empire Service Dog Program Annual Benefit

Apr 2, 2013

Justin (Sara Knapp's dog) in the studio.

    Service dogs help people with disabilities to lead more independent and productive lives. Most people are familiar with the work of search and rescue dogs and guide dogs. Service dogs are called upon to perform a multitude of tasks.

Dogs at a very young age can be taught to turn on/off light switches, open/close doors, retrieve dropped objects and assist in dressing and undressing. There are many intangible benefits gained in placing a service dog with the right person.

The Empire Service Dog Program is the only NYS organization north of New York City that breeds, trains and places Service Dogs with persons with disabilities. Their annual benefit is this Sunday from 5 to 8pm at the Italian American Community Center in Albany, NY.

We are joined by Lauren Bachner (Secretary, Board Member and puppy raiser for three puppies); Sally Knapp (Vice President, Board member and owner of a service dog) and Fritz Smith (ESP President, puppy raiser/trainer and longtime service dog owner).