Evan Thomas - Ike's Bluff

Sep 27, 2012

Upon assuming the presidency in 1953, Dwight Eisenhower came to be seen by many as a doddering lightweight. Yet behind the bland smile and apparent simplemindedness was a brilliant, intellectual tactician.

As Evan Thomas reveals in, Ike’s Bluff, his examination of Ike's White House years, Eisenhower was a master of calculated duplicity. As with his bridge and poker games he was eventually forced to stop playing after leaving too many fellow army officers insolvent, Ike could be patient and ruthless in the con, and generous and expedient in his partnerships.

Facing the Soviet Union, China, and his own generals, some of whom believed a first strike was the only means of survival, Eisenhower would make his boldest and riskiest bet yet, one of such enormity that there could be but two outcomes: the survival of the world, or its end. Thomas says this book, Ike’s Bluff, is the story of how he won.

Evan Thomas is the author of several bestselling works of history and biography. He teaches journalism at Princeton University.