FBI Says Serial Killer Not Linked to Missing Vermont Teen

Dec 19, 2012

The FBI has ruled out serial killer Israel Keyes in the disappearance of Vermont teenager Brianna Maitland in 2004.

Keyes, who committed suicide while in jail in Alaska, confessed to the 2011 murders of Bill and Lorraine Currier of Essex, and as many as five unnamed victims, four in Washington state and one on the East Coast, the body dumped in New York.

Keyes often traveled to the East Coast to visit family in Maine and property he owed in Constable, N.Y.

FBI special Agent Jolene Goeden told the Burlington Free Press that financial records show Keyes was elsewhere on March 19, 2004, when the 17-year-old Maitland of Sheldon VT disappeared after leaving work at a Montgomery restaurant.

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