Fearless 2014 Predictions

Dec 31, 2013

Here are my fearless predictions for the coming year at WAMC. Let’s remember the rules. Some of these predictions are based on things I do NOT want to see happen, so I predict them to put the whammy on them. Others I want to see happen so I predict them to make them happen. Then there are things I actually want to see happen. Any inspection of past events will show just how accurate I have been in that department. So here goes.

Now that Bill Moyers has decided to retire his radio show, Fridays will be used for a food Vox Pop. That way, it will be explained, people can prepare unique dishes for weekend use.

Two WAMC staffers will announce their upcoming marriages.  

One staffer with children will announce that another one is on the way.

WAMC’s Chief of Staff, Dona Frank, will announce that the Underwriting Department has raised a record amount of money for the station.

The WAMC Locked Box will have more money in it than at any time in history.

Professor Rosemary Armao will have to be defended by Alan Chartock for having the courage to speak her mind. Chartock, emeritus at SUNY will have some harsh criticism for some University at Albany personnel for not understanding why freedom of speech is so important.

Chartock will have a major confrontation with National Public Radio over its underwriting policy. He will do so after hearing from a great many listeners who are astounded that NPR would take both pro-fracking underwriting as well as underwriting supporting genetically modified crops. Chartock will make it clear that he isn’t speaking for the station but just for himself.

NPR will come under fire from station managers and from the public over the woman who reads the network underwriting announcements. The NPR brass will counter that they did a two year national search and found the “best announcer in the country.”

NPR will announce that it is going to raise money directly from listeners, something that it isn’t supposed to do.

WAMC will alter its smoking policy. A blue box right next to the street will be the only place smoking will be allowed.

A wonderful listener will donate an enormous amount of money to the station for its First Amendment Fund. She’ll say, “I just can’t stand what is happening in this country. What with all the spying and the control of information, WAMC is out there telling the truth and letting all sides have their say. Furthermore, you can’t have democracy unless you have information and no one does it better than WAMC.”

Her gift will be matched by a man who says, “’I’ve listened to public radio stations all over the country and I have never heard anything like WAMC.”

Another public radio station will announce that they have come up with a great idea for a membership gift, a crank radio.”

WAMC will receive an award from the New York State Medical Society for its Medical Monday Vox Pop program. The citation will read, “For its efforts to inform the public about medical issues unlike anything else in the country.”

NPR will attempt to raise its dues.

Murray the Dog will go on a national tour pushing his book, “Adventures of a Radio Dog.”

The Berkshire Ramblers will be discovered and invited by Arlo Guthrie to appear at his annual Carnegie Hall Concert.

A new organization of conservative talked show hosts will try to pressure WAMC to carry Limbaugh, O’Reilly and several more of those types.

You, dear listeners will have a healthy, safe and happy New Year.