Feds Study Fish Impact for Indian Point License Renewals

Feb 5, 2013

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) — The federal fisheries service says the continued operation of two nuclear plants in the Hudson Valley would kill hundreds of fish in two protected species, but would not come close to wiping them out.

The National Marine Fisheries Service says the population of shortnose sturgeon and Atlantic sturgeon would not be greatly affected if the Indian Point plants win 20-year license renewals. It predicts slightly fewer than 1,000 deaths from those fish being caught on screens where the plants take in Hudson River water. The document was prepared for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The NRC is in the midst of hearings on Indian Point’s license renewals.  The license renewal for Indian Point Two is due in September, while the one for Indian Point Three is due in 2015. An NRC spokesman says the document will be considered in a revised environmental impact statement due April 30.

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