Firearms cable locks to be distributed in Rockland

Feb 1, 2013

NEW CITY – Starting today, the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office and County Clerk’s Office will be distributing free firearms cable locks to county residents.

A total of 1,600 of the devices were donated to the county. Persons seeking the locks will be asked to complete a voluntary basic information form. If they chose not to, they must display visual proof of Rockland County residency.

Sheriff Louis Falco said the idea came up prior to the Newtown shootings.

“We did it for many years, years ago, and this just re-sparked the interest, so therefore we jumped right on board and we had these donated cable locks and we want to make sure to the best of our ability we give them out and everybody keeps their weapons, whether they are long rifles or handguns, safe,” Falco said.

The county clerk’s office also has a quantity of the device that will be distributed as pistol permit amendment applications are processed.

The county legislature recently adopted a resolution authorizing distribution of the cable locks.