Firefighters Aid Dog Stranded In Icy River

Mar 9, 2017

A team of firefighters has come to the aid of a dog that was struggling to keep his head above water in an icy Vermont river.

Simon the dog, which appeared to be an Australian shepherd mix, responded Wednesday to firefighters' calls. Another dog that swam to shore barked to get attention.

The Caledonian Record reports Simon swam in the Passumpsic River in St. Johnsbury toward a pole extended toward him as a rescue ladder was placed to serve as a bridge from the water to the shore.

Just when it seemed that he was getting close, he started to drift with the current toward falls about 20 yards away. Firefighters began calling to the dog to swim back toward them, which he did.

A veterinarian said the shivering dog's temperature was 92 degrees; 101 degrees is considered normal.

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