Flood Task Force Continues Its Planning In Kingston

Apr 25, 2013

Credit wikipedia commons

KINGSTON – The City of Kingston Flooding Task Force, which was created to address waterfront flooding and sea level rise, continues to look at alternatives and suggestions to avoid flooding in the future.

The group will eventually develop recommendations to prevent waterfront flooding now and into the future, said Gregg Swanzey, the city’s economic development director.

“Twenty-sixty and 2100, so further out in the future, but considering the sea level rise predictions and a range of those predictions and what the implications might be for water levels at that time and what storm events might look like at that time, how can we plan for that, how can we be more prepared for that?” he asked.

Scenic Hudson and the State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Consensus Building Institute are assisting the local task force in its planning for the future.