Former Opponent Endorses Congressional Candidate

Jun 28, 2012

Republican Matt Doheny won a primary contest Tuesday in New York’s new 21st Congressional District.  He is traveling the district on a “post primary blitz” and was in Plattsburgh this morning to announce that a former rival is now joining his team.  

This is the second time Republican Matt Doheny has tried to unseat incumbent Democrat Bill Owens in the sprawling Congressional district that stretches across northern New York. Two years ago he won the primary, but one of his opponents, Doug Hoffman, continued to run on the conservative line.  That split the Republican vote and Doheny lost by about two thousand votes. This time Doheny has been working to make sure he is the only opponent.  Clinton County Republican Party Chair Don Lee .

Before the candidate spoke to supporters, Doug Hoffman stepped up to endorse his former opponent.

Republican 21st Congressional candidate Matt Doheny says the clear cohesiveness means they can move forward strongly towards the general election.

Plattsburgh Mayor Don Kasprzak is relieved there will not be a wild card to steal away votes this time.

Clinton County Clerk John Zurlo is optimistic about the chances to put this Congressional  seat back in Republican control in November.

Congressman Bill Owens was unavailable for an interview this morning, but emailed a statement regarding Mr. Hoffman’s endorsement of the Republican candidate noting "This comes as no surprise. Matt Doheny has embraced the far-right wing of the Republican Party with his support of tax breaks for oil companies and millionaires, and his refusal to focus on the needs of his constituents. Positions near-identical to what Mr. Hoffman took in past years."