Former Western Mass. Prep School Campus Donated To Christian University

Sep 21, 2012

  The owners of an historic campus in the hills of western Massachusetts announced plans Friday to give it away to Christian college from Arizona that plans to eventually bring 5,000 students in. WAMC’s Paul Tuthill reports

   The campus that once housed the Northfield Mount Herman prep school will become the new home for Grand Canyon Unversity, the firs for –profit Christian school in the country.  The school expects to spend over $100 million on infrastructure and other improvements and welcome its first students in 2014.  Although there is a promise for huge economic development, there’s also uncertainty about the impact in Northfield,, which has a population of  just under 1100 people. The former prep school which was founded by an evangelist in the 19th century, closed in 2005. It was purchased by the owners of an Oklahoma based chain of craft stores, who offered to give it away to a group that would commit to traditional Christian teachers.