Former White House Press Secretary Speaks at Union College

Albany, NY – Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs visited the Capital Region last night. WAMC's Dave Lucas has details...

Robert Gibbs served as 28th White House press secretary under Barack Obama. He spoke at Union College on his second visit to the area in 5 months. He was here in January when President Obama visited GE.

Gibbs discussed, with his audience at Memorial Chapel, some of the key issues that will be a part of the upcoming 2012 elections, including the possible candidacy of Donald Trump.

"The American People are smarter than the candidacy that he is offering," Gibbs said. "And if he thinks he can build a campaign on the President's birth certificate, I don't think he will be hired by the American people. In the end, I don't think he runs."

Gibb thinks Mitt Romney has the best chance of becoming the GOP nominee, and he warns the Hispanic Vote will be critical. He says if Republicans don't get the Hispanic Vote, they can't win the Presidency.

Dave Lucas, WAMC News