Fracking is big election theme in NY's gas region

Nov 2, 2012

In some southern New York communities likely to get shale gas wells if Gov. Andrew Cuomo lifts a moratorium on drilling, "fracking" is a key issue in Tuesday's election. Both opponents and supporters are working to get out the vote and candidates up and down the ballot are talking about it. More from WAMC's Dave Lucas.

Local races are viewed as crucial, since dozens of town boards around the state have voted this year to ban or put a moratorium on gas drilling while other elected bodies passed resolutions making it clear they won't oppose gas drilling.

The Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, which supports hydraulic fracturing, has released a list of political endorsements for about 20 candidates statewide. A coalition of gas-drilling opponents in Broome County has released its own list of endorsements.

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