Freiman to peel back White Album layers in Amherst

Apr 3, 2013

Beatles lecturer Scott Freiman
Credit Scott Freiman

The White Album is nearly 45 years old, but interest in one of the Beatles’ most important artistic achievements, and in the group itself, remains rampant. One person who has paid special attention to what might have been the Beatles’ greatest year, 1968, is Scott Freiman, a composer, sound designer and musician in his own right who lectures on the Beatles and their work.

Freiman will bring his multimedia presentation Looking Through a Glass Onion: Deconstructing the Beatles’ White Album to Amherst Cinema on April 4 at 4 and 7. Freiman was in Amherst in October for a similar presentation on Sergeant Pepper’s and recently taught a course on the Fab Four at Yale.