Gay Rights Activists Praise Federal Appeals Court Ruling

Jun 1, 2012

Gay rights activists in western Massachusetts are hailing the ruling by a federal appeals court in Boston that found the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.  WAMC’s Paul Tuthill reports…

Brenda Lopez of Springfield says the federal statute that defines marriage as being between one man and one woman is rooted in bigotry.

“If in fact you’re going to defend a marriage, you need to defend all marriages.”

The court’s decision was announced shortly before the start of a Gay Pride celebration in downtown Springfield.  Springfield Pride President Amaad Rivera said with President Obama endorsing gay marriage it has been an historic year for the movement.

“This is a nonpartisan issue.  Everyone needs to be treated equally before the law.  I think the time has come.”

Massachusetts, where same sex marriage has been legal for eight years, was the first state to challenge the federal law, arguing it discriminates against the state’s citizens.

Paul Tuthill, WAMC News.