Go West, Young Man: Arun Rath Lands Dream Job At Weekend 'All Things Considered'

Nov 26, 2013

Arun Rath has taken over weekends at All Things Considered.
Credit Peter A. Smith Photography/NPR

WAMC listeners noticed a new voice on the air in September when Arun Rath took over the host’s chair at NPR’s Weekend All Things Considered, which is now broadcasting from NPR West in Culver City, Calif.

Rath has worked as a reporter, anchor and producer during his journalistic career for several programs including PBS’s Frontline, NPR’s On the Media, and PRI’s Studio 360. But he got his start as an intern for the now-defunct Talk of the Nation, eventually becoming the show’s director.

Rath and weekend All Things Considered can be heard on WAMC Saturdays and Sundays at 5.