GOP Members Distance Themselves From Romeny's Comments

Sep 19, 2012

In New England, a Republican Senator and Senate candidate are distance themselves from remarks made by GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney about how 47 percent of Americans depend on government and believe they are victims and entitled to benefits.

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown said that's not the way he views the world. He also said too many people are being forced to seek assistance for lack of jobs. Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren said Romney's comments showed a "separate category of contempt" for half the people in Massachusetts and half the people in America.

And the Republican candidate for Connecticut’s Senate seat, Linda McMahon posted a statement on Facebook Tuesday, saying she disagrees with Romney's comments and knows the vast majority who rely on government "are not in that situation because they want to be." Democratic opponent, U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy, said "no amount of campaign spin" can change the fact that McMahon supports "Romney's right-wing Republican agenda."

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