Gun Show Will Go On In Spa City Despite Post-Sandy Hook Opposition

Jan 11, 2013

Photo from a previous Saratoga Gun Show.
Credit NEACA, Inc., NEACA Show Promotions

With gun control in the National spotlight, scores of protesters are expected to greet gun enthusiasts when they arrive at an upstate New York venue that's hosting a firearms show this weekend. Capital Region Bureau Chief Dave Lucas reports.

Saratoga Springs is hosting a two-day gunshow at the downtown City Center - the first event of its kind to be held in the northeast since the tragedy in Newtown - going on as scheduled - despite a call to cancel.

Susan Steer is the local nurse whose crusade against it brought the gun show issue to a hotpoint - she led a petition drive to get the gun show canceled - but the public authority that runs the City Center decided earlier this week that the event would go on as planned. She explains that three groups will demonstrate outside the show.

Former firearms dealer and collector John Tighe describes the groups as "basically left wing" ones that oppose guns.

Some groups have also targeted gun clubs, accusing them of engaging in illegal gun sales. Tighe points out that, under current law, party-to-party gun transactions ARE legal, no background check required - he cites a case that gained regional notoriety.

Tighe says he'd he would like to see government leaders refocus gun control efforts.

Those who attend the Saratoga Arms show will be restricted by security from bringing assault-type weapons to trade or sell at the event. Susan Steer says she was assured by board members that The Saratoga Springs City Center Authority will "investigate and debate" future bookings of gun shows in the Spa city.