Herbek Quits As Newburgh City Manager

May 31, 2013

Credit wikipedia commons

NEWBURGH – Amid controversy that he was involved with a prostitute, Newburgh City Manager Richard Herbek resigned abruptly on Thursday.

Hours later, the city council named Police Chief Michael Ferrera as acting city manager.

“I’m the police chief and the police chief is my heart, but of course, I am here, I have covered as city manager quite a few times in the past and of course I will be here until I find a city manager, and hopefully it will be soon,” Ferrera said.

Mayor Judy Kennedy suggested an investigation into the Herbek situation may continue.

“The DA has information; they will pursue whatever they need to pursue on this and we are moving forward to find a new city manager immediate,” Kennedy said.

It could take four months or more before a new manager is named.