Hudson's Furgary Seized By City

Jul 17, 2012

Credit Tiffany Hamilton/Save The Furgary

The City of Hudson today followed through on its threat to shut down the Furgary... Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Dave Lucas has an update...

Hudson Police say they removed three "trespassers" early this morning from the fishing encamapment on city owned land - people had been using small shacks on the property for more than a hundred years - stewarding Hudson's North Dock and North Bay - paying no taxes - handing the buildings down through generations -

The Furgary squatters collectively organized under the moniker of The North Dock Tin Boat Association ...

the entity lost its appeal of a 2011 decision dismissing its property ownership under adverse possession or “squatter’s rights” on a legal technicality. Hudson Mayor William Hallenbeck gave the boat club until July 16th to gather their belongings and abandon the site.

The Furgary members have had meetings with the Mayor and city officials but have not been able to come to any sort of agreement to preserve the property.  Mayor Hallenbeck isn’t certain what will happen to the Furgary

City workers have erected fencing around the buildings on North Dock Street - the three trespassers were released without charges