Janie Hendrix on her brother's lasting lyrics

Jan 3, 2013

WAMC's Ian Pickus speaks with Janie Hendrix, sister of Jimi and compiler of Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Lyric Book. Janie Hendrix heads the company Experience Hendrix, LLC.

Had Jimi Hendrix lived past his untimely death in 1970, he would have turned 70 in November. The world can only guess at all of the music and experimental performances we’ve missed out on over the past four decades.

But interest in Hendrix has never been higher. The late innovator has his second new album in three years coming out in March, entitled People, Hell and Angels. Music fans have shown that if producers can uncover lost Hendrix recordings, they will be glad to hear them.

But if you need a Hendrix fix between the intermittent  release of lost tapes, the new coffee table book The Ultimate Lyric Book should do the trick. Compiled by Hendrix’s sister Janie, the book features Hendrix’s hand-written lyrics and photos of the guitarist at work, at play, and at home.

The Ultimate Lyric Book is published by Backbeat Books.