Killington Calls for Increased Tourism Spending

Nov 19, 2013

Fall scene, Killington, VT
Credit Doug Kerr-Dougtone/Flickr

The selectboard in Killington, Vt., is asking the state for increased spending to promote tourism.

A letter from the board says it is concerned Vermont tourism is getting "outpaced" by other states competing in the same markets.

Vermont's tourism budget was $2.9 million during the 2012-13 fiscal year, ranking it 44th out of the 48 states that responded. Only Delaware, Indiana, Iowa and Rhode Island spent less.

The Rutland Herald reports Lisa Gosselin, commissioner of the state Department of Economic Development, suggested the number of tourist visits, not the amount spent to bring them to Vermont, is a better measure of the health of tourism in the state.

She said Vermont tourism is doing well.

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