Kingston Hospital Could Become Medical College

Aug 23, 2012

As the HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley, parent corporation to The Kingston Hospital and Benedictine hospital, both in Kingston, work up their plans to close Kingston Hospital and consolidate its healthcare services under one roof at Benedictine, a new purpose for Kingston Hospital may be emerging.

Mayor Shayne Gallo told that he is having discussions with companies about converting Kingston Hospital into a medical college.

“A college would be the influx of highly paid professionals, but it would also affect our housing stock. It could be a jumpstart for the AVR project on the river, which is exactly what we need here in this community,” Gallo said. “We need to draw a professional class, a business class, wanting to business in Kingston.”

The mayor said he is in constant communication with HealthAlliance President David Lundquist about the transition to one campus.