Lakeshore Protection Bill Up for Hearing Next Week

Mar 10, 2013

Lake Champlain
Credit WAMC/Pat Bradley

A House committee holds a hearing next week on a bill that calls for new protections for the shorelines of Vermont's lakes and ponds.

The bill would call for the state Agency of Natural Resources to write new rules requiring buffer zones around the edges of lakes, areas where natural vegetation would predominate, stopping runoff from immediately entering waterways. Existing lakeside cottages would be exempt, unless they were being enlarged or undergoing other substantial changes.

Some property owners are concerned the bill would infringe on their rights. Bill sponsor David Deen told Vermont Public Radio the measure is now being re-written to reflect the concerns of property owners.

He said the new bill will be tailored to allow a more site-by-site review of projects.

The hearing is Tuesday.

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