Land Ownership Questioned for Vermont Trail

Jun 19, 2013

West River Trail
Credit Shan213/Flickr

Development of a trail near Dummerston, Vt., has come to a halt as its ownership is being questioned.

The goal is have the trail follow a 36-mile former West River Railroad route from Brattleboro to Londonderry. It's attracted hikers since the railway's demise in the late 1930s.

Representatives of the nonprofit Friends of the West River Trail say they want to work with property owners and possibly re-route future trail sections.

The Brattleboro Reformer reports some residents just north of the trail's end in Dummerston have signed a petition opposing further development due to privacy concerns.

The trail is well-developed between Londonderry and Townshend. The trail group has begun publicizing the southern section between Brattleboro to an access point in Dummerston, which has brought up land ownership questions.

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