Last Hours Of Voting In Key Albany Primaries

Sep 10, 2013

Primary Day is in its last few hours, with Albany Democrats going to the polls to effectively choose the next mayor.   Democrats hope the change of guard will stimulate voter turnout, but many polling locations throughout the city have been moved, which could possibly discourage some voters. 

Credit Composite image by Dave Lucas/WAMC

Leading the roster, current Albany City Treasurer Kathy Sheehan faces off against former city councilman Corey Ellis.  Because of a steep enrollment advantage across the city, it is likely that the Democratic primary winner will be the next mayor of Albany after 20 years of Jerry Jennings.

The second most-watched race today is the one for City Treasurer, which effectively pits Jerry Jennings against Kathy Sheehan in a proxy campaign: In May, the Albany County Democratic Committee endorsed Sheehan as Jennings' successor over Corey Ellis. The party also backed county Legislator Gary Domalewicz for city treasurer. But Sheehan's camp is campaigning hand-in-hand with Darius Shahinfar, banking that the Albany Law School grad will draw more votes than longtime legislator Domalewicz.

Domalewicz and Shahinfar are the only declared candidates in the race for Chief Fiscal officer, so the election will effectively be decided today.

Ellis and Sheehan, meanwhile, were scheduled to gather with supporters tonight as results roll in.

Nine of the city's 15 Common Council wards are involved in the Democratic primary. Primaries are also being held in other counties including Columbia, Greene, Saratoga and Schenectady.