Lawmakers and Advocates Focus on Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Jan 31, 2013

Some lawmakers in Montpelier are focusing on climate change and renewable energy this week.  An advocacy group is releasing a renewable plan while testimony is given on how climate change is impacting business.

Energize Vermont is presenting lawmakers in Montpelier today with a renewable energy plan which, according to Executive Director Lukas Snelling, excludes utility scale wind development.

Snelling and Energize Vermont supporters are calling on the Legislature to pass a proposed three year moratorium on large-scale wind projects.

Vermont Public Interest Research Group Executive Director Paul Burns doubts that an effective renewable energy plan can work without including large scale wind development.

VPIRG’s Paul Burns notes that the plan is being presented during a week of hearings at the Statehouse on climate change and its impact on the state.

Vermont business leaders testified at a joint House hearing on Wednesday about how they are, or are not, adjusting to climate change. Vermont Natural Resources Council Energy Program Director Johanna Miller says they illustrated how the cost and consequences are real and evident.

Environmental Activist Bill McKibben spoke to Vermont Legislators on Wednesday, telling them that steps must  be taken immediately to slow or reverse global warming.