Lawmakers Consider Expanded Bottle Bill

Mar 20, 2013

Credit Streetwise Cycle/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

As New York legislators continue negotiations over the state budget, with talks now in their late stages, one of the proposals being considered is an expansion of the bottle bill.  The measure would not only impact container types, but the redemption centers where consumers do business.

In 2009, New York State expanded its recyclable beverage container law to include bottled water.  A recent budget resolution in the State Assembly would expand the Bottle Bill to include newer, more popular beverage containers. EZ Bottle and Can Return Owner and New York Bottle and Can Redemption Association Chairperson Sheila Rivers explains that the market has changed since the state last broadened the law.

New York Public Interest Research Group Senior Environmental Associate Laura Haight finds the bottle bill has been good for the environment and created jobs with more redemption centers.

There are a number of business issues within the bottle bill that could affect employment and the redemption centers collecting the bottles and cans. Sheila Rivers says some provisions could make it difficult to keep the businesses viable.

In the past, the American Beverage Association has characterized bottle bills as being outdated, ineffective, inefficient and costly, but the organization did not reply to repeated requests for comment for this story.