Liberal Activists Rally On The "Fiscal Cliff"

Nov 29, 2012

Dozens of activists from labor, faith-based and community groups rallied on Main Street in Springfield Massachusetts Thursday to send a message to budget negotiators in Washington.  WAMC’s Paul Tuthill reports.

Activists call for protecting social services and raising taxes on corporations and the rich during a rally in Springfield MA
Credit WAMC

Speakers at the noon time rally said there should be no cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or other social safety net programs  as a way to avoid the so-called “ fiscal cliff”.  Tim Carpenter, executive director of Progressive Democrats of America urged President Obama to back Main Street, not Wall Street.

The activists called on the state’s Congressional delegation to back a proposal called “ The Budget For All”  It prevents cuts to social programs, raises taxes on corporations and the top two percent of wage earners and redirects military spending to domestic needs.