Maloney sees opponent he defeated in November, Hayworth, as running anew

Mar 28, 2013

Congressional rematch?

New York Democratic Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney of the 18th District tells WAMC that his vanquished November opponent, Republican ex-Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, may be gearing up for another run.

“We do have a different situation now where the Tea Party tail is still wagging this dog, and we’ve got 150 guys in the House of Representatives who voted against Sandy relief, against Violence Against Women Act, who voted against raising the debt ceiling," he says. "So we have an extreme outburst in the Republican party, I think we’ve seen the worst of it, but we’ve been having this fight right here in the Hudson Valley. The person I defeated last year wanted to end the guaranteed benefit of Medicare while giving huge tax cuts to multi-millionaires. She’s going to run again, so we’re still having the debate, but we need to be clear with folks. We can reduce our debt and deficit, grow the economy and do it the right way. We’ve done it before and we just need to make better choices.”

“You just told me something that I didn’t know, that Nan Hayworth was going to run another time," WAMC's Alan Chartock asked. "Is this news or is that just what you’re speculating”?

“Well, I don’t want to make news for her," Maloney said, "but I think she’s out there telling everyone she’s running, and I just mention that because what it means is that there is a group in the Hudson Valley that thinks that Medicare is the problem, that thinks that Social Security is the problem, that thinks we need to balance the budget on the backs of seniors, and women and infant children programs,  and opposes the Violence Against Women Act and wants to defund Planned Parenthood. These are extreme positions and I see them on the floor of the House of Representatives every day.”