Mapping Invasive Species Training Planned in Adirondacks

Paul Smith?s, NY – Next Wednesday, July 13th, during Adirondack Invasive Species Awareness Week, the general public can participate in a training session for iMapInvasives, a Google Earth and GPS based system that maps the spread of invasive species in NY. Adirondack Park Invasive Plants Program Director Hilary Smith...... DEC Invasive Species Database Program Coordinator for the New York Natural Heritage Program Meg Wilkinson..... Adirondack Park Invasive Plants Program Director Hilary Smith says the database is a new groundbreaking system that was initially designed to track plant invasives, but will eventually track invasive animals, aquatic, insect and other invasive species...... Lake George Association Director of Education Emily DeBolt coordinates the group's lake steward program....... iMap Invasive training has already occurred in the Catskill, lower Hudson Valley, Long Island, Capital-Mohawk, and St. Lawrence regions. A training session is also scheduled July 20th in the Finger Lakes. Vermont and Pennsylvania will also participate in the same iMapInvasive data collection program. More information is available on our website:

iMapInvasives geomapping site

New York iMapInvasives

Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management

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