Mass. AG Pushing For For-Profit School Regulations

Nov 22, 2013


Attorney General Martha Coakley is proposing new regulations she says will help students looking to attend for-profit and occupational schools operating in Massachusetts.

Coakley said the proposed changes would require the schools to "provide accurate information to the public, prohibit misleading advertising practices, and address unfair lending practices."

The regulations would require schools to disclose in advertisements and recruitment materials information about tuition and fees, placement statistics, graduation rates, and program completion time.

Coakley said the proposed regulations would also bar the use of high pressure sales tactics for prospective students.

She said those tactics include repeated solicitations through phone calls and text messages, and misrepresenting the role of recruitment personnel by referring them to "counselors" or advisers.

Coakley's office will hold two public hearings in January before the regulations take effect.

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