Mayor of Pittsfield Wants to Review City Charter

Apr 27, 2012

The current framework for Pittsfield’s city government dates back to the 1930’s. 1st term Mayor Dan Bianchi is asking the city council to approve measures to appoint an independent, non-partisan review commission to update and modernize the charter.

Bianchi said that he would like the commission to take a look at the structure of city government.

The mayor stressed that he wants to panel to include active members of the community and wants to take input from the public and the president of the city council before any selections are made.

City Counselor Chris Connell said that he would like to see the appointees approved by both the Council and the Mayor.

Mayor Bianchi noted that the charter review process could take anywhere from a year to eighteen months.

In Great Barrington, the town selectboard is currently in the process of assembling a charter review committee. The call for Great Barrington’s charter review came last year after the town’s library board sought greater independence from the town. They advocated that unclear language in the charter did not give the town manager the authority to appoint a new library director.

Town Manager Kevin O’Donnell explains…

The search for charter review committee members continues.

In Saratoga Springs, NY, a recent court ruling has approved a possible November ballot initiative on a new charter. The public has been asked for their input on a charter change.