Mayoral Candidate Presses For Discourse And Debate

May 21, 2013

Candidate Marlon Anderson has two seats reserved for his opponents in the Albany mayoral race. Anderson held a press event Monday afternoon at the Main Branch of the Albany Public Library.
Credit WAMC / Dave Lucas

An Albany Mayoral hopeful fears voters may have resigned themselves to the notion there may be only one candidate with any chance of winning the coming Democratic primary.

City Treasurer Kathy Sheehan was endorsed last week by the Albany County Democratic Committee following Jerry Jennings' announcement he would not seek a sixth term as Mayor. But Corey Elllis, who gave Jennings a run for his money in the 2009 primary, is still up for the challenge, as is Marlon Anderson, who is advocating for proper vetting of all candidates.

While some believe voters may be "tuning out" Anderson is encouraging debate as a means to a fair election, urging voters to look to New York City for guidance. He points out that the Big Apple has had more than nine mayoral forums while in the same timeframe, Albany has had none.

Anderson says public discourse can help determine who is the best candidate for Mayor.