A Message from the President - A Life or Death Proposition

Sep 26, 2012

The fund drive is upon us and not a moment too soon. If only everyone who listens to this marvelous station put something into the pot, we would be whole. Each morning, I will do my best to make the argument that if you listen and contribute, you should do something and the drive would be over. We really could do it on the first day. When we raised money for the New Orleans people who got hit by Hurricane Katrina, we made over a half a million dollars in just a few hours so we know that we could do most of it in a day. People love the fund drives. More people listen during fund drives than at any other time. It’s the ultimate community building event. It kills me when someone writes or calls and says that they won’t give until we shorten the fund drives.

I was exhausted for weeks after the last drive, but I really do love hearing from all of you and seeing the community that is WAMC come together.  People always stop me and ask what they can do to help. Well, here are just a few ideas. If you know someone who listens and thinks that the station is an important part of their life and who may have some extra money, it would be great if you could ask them to make a challenge. Everyone who has ever heard a drive knows that challenges excite people. If someone calls up and says “I’ll give you a thousand dollars if you can make five thousand in a half an hour,” the skies open up. Maybe it’s the ultimate game show. Maybe it’s an athletic event, but whatever it is, it works. So, if you really want to take some of the load, and if you really love the station, it would be great if you could make some calls and encourage people to do whatever they can. Ditto, if you could call your friends and remind them how important this radio station is in their lives.

You could invoke your geography and call up and say, “This is from Jean from Olive Bridge.  Where are you, all you Olive Bridgeans?” Somehow that seems to work, too. If you are a teacher and use what you hear on WAMC in your classroom, give us a call and stick up for teachers who have been so maligned. If your life has been changed by one Vox Pop or Medical Monday, you’ll want to put something in. You know that we’ve been there for you and I know that you’ll be there to keep this precious resource going. In the end, this is a community of like minded people who value excellence.

We have an election coming. The Republicans in Congress have been trying to shut down the public money for public radio. Sooner or later, they will win. It’s really not that much (about 10%) but it will be tough to do without. As it is now, a few people will own most of the newspapers and radio stations in this country. You can see this is a life or death proposition. The quest for a station that will call it down the middle continues. You’ll hear a lot of Democrats and a lot of Republicans in their own words. You’ll hear investigative stories and stories that will make you cry. Just try asking yourself what your life would be like without WAMC and then join in the effort.

I am asking for your help. We can’t do it without you and I mean you. Thanks for anything you can do. I love and trust you.