Montessori Week 3/1/07

Albany, NY – In the best of worlds, every child learns how to read, write, and count by the end of elementary school. But if you could send your child to any school in the country to learn these basic skills and more, where would they go?

Montessori schools are a unique option where children learn through curiosity, creativity, and imagination.

In honor of Montessori Week and the 100th anniversary of the Montessori method, Susan and Joe speak with two teachers who ascribe to this method

Meagan Ledendecker is the Educational Administrator of the Montessori School of the Berkshires. She was a Montessori student and is the daughter of two Montessori educators.

Susan Kambrich is the Head of School at Woodland Hill Montessori School in North Greenbush, NY. A Montessori educator since 1989, Susan has observed, interned, and taught in over thirty Montessori schools across the country. (American Montessori Society)