Montpelier Gets $50K Grant To Create Master Plan For Public Art

Mar 8, 2017

The city of Montpelier, Vermont, has received a $50,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to create a master plan for public art and commission the city's first major public art work to be installed at a redevelopment project.

The grant has been matched by a $50,000 commitment from the city, and requires an additional $50,000 in fundraising and about $14,000 matched in in-kind services, for a total budget of $164,000 over two years.

The plan would create workshops led by teaching artists. The work commissioned through the grant will be chosen through a juried competition among Vermont artists.

A "pop up" museum will be started on March 21 called "The heART of Montpelier Gallery" at City Hall. Residents can bring objects that represent the reasons why they love Montpelier.

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