More School Budgets Than Usual Rejected In Vermont

Mar 5, 2014

Credit Jared C. Benedict/Wikimedia Commons

Vermonters in at least 34 communities are opposing school budgets this year, according to a new tally.

The tally comes from the Vermont Superintendents Association, with six votes  still to be counted Wednesday. At least 212 budgets passed. Vermont School Boards Association Executive Director Stephen Dale says there were a “somewhat higher” number of defeats this year than usual.

Larger communities including Burlington, Bennington, Rutland and Montpelier made the list of rejections from Tuesday's Town Meeting Day votes.

Burlington's proposal would have raised school taxes by 9.9 percent.

In Montpelier, spending would have increased by more than 2 percent, but cause about a 13 percent tax increase.

An increase in the statewide property tax is driving up school taxes in many communities across the state.

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