Natural History Museum Plans Winter Mountaintop Webcast

Feb 22, 2013

Whiteface Mountain
Credit Mwanner/Wikipedia Commons

The Wild Center plans to broadcast a live webcast  from the summit of Whiteface Mountain Saturday with naturalists and atmospheric scientists to show the extremes of winter on the Adirondack peak.

Whiteface Mountain is known for its Olympic ski center. It is the only Adirondack High Peak with a road to its summit.  And it is the only Adirondack Mountain that hosts a scientific field station.

The Wild Center has been working with scientists on exhibits that are scheduled to open in June.  As they interacted, Executive Director Stephanie Ratcliffe says they learned about extreme winter conditions at the mountain’s summit.

Winter on Whiteface Mountain is an example of an extreme climate and on Saturday the Wild Center plans a live webcast to explore its unique nature. The road to the summit is closed in winter.  Ratcliffe explains that they have been using snowmobiles to bring equipment to the top of the mountain for their “Summitcast”.

SUNY Albany Atmospheric Sciences Research Center Whiteface Mountain Field Station Operations Manager Paul Casson says it is the wind that fuels the extreme weather on the summit.

Paul Casson has found that the Whiteface ecosystem has adapted to the extremes.

The webcast from Whiteface Mountain will begin Saturday at noon.  A link is available here.