Nevele CEO Steps Aside

May 2, 2014

The CEO of the company proposing a casino in Ulster County is out after a newspaper story revealed he was accused of assault.

Claremont Partners Director David Runciman Thursday evening announced that Nevele Investors CEO Michael Treanor would step aside - this after the New York Post Thursday morning reported that Treanor has been accused of sexually assaulting his sister. Claremont is the parent company of Nevele Investors. Runciman, in a press release, says the details about the misdemeanor assault were disclosed publicly years ago, and this has all the hallmarks of a smear campaign by one of the Nevele’s competitors. Also in the release, Treanor is quoted as saying he does not think it’s a coincidence that this painful, private, seven-year-old family matter is being resurrected now. The Nevele is the only casino proposed for Ulster County, but neighboring Orange County has at least five proposals on the table. Sullivan County has four. Runciman says Nevele COO Kathi Meci has been appointed interim CEO.