New Report Shows Kids Statewide Would Benefit From NYC’s Pre-K Plan

Feb 26, 2014

Credit Lucelia Ribeiro/Flickr

A new report released today by a group of education advocates argues that allowing New York City to raise taxes on the wealthy to pay for Pre-K would benefit kids across the entire state. 

The report, prepared by the Alliance for Quality Education, the Center for Children’s Initiatives, Citizen Action of New York, the Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy, and the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, finds that “If the Cuomo and de Blasio plans are both passed most school districts would likely receive two and one-half times more pre-K funding than they would if only the Cuomo plan is enacted.”

The gRoups say the increase is possible because Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan includes just $100 million in Pre-K spending this year, far less than what the actual annual cost of universal full-day pre-K in New York State would be, estimated as ranging between $1 billion to $1.7 billion.  By covering all of New York City’s children, they say Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan would allow state resources to be spent exclusively on children in the rest of the state.

The full report is available at: