New York Prison Bosses Faulted For Vehicle Use

Nov 30, 2013

New York's inspector general says the state corrections department improperly permitted 64 prison superintendents and 16 other staff to use state cars essentially for commuting.

Credit Wikimedia Commons/Ildar Sagdejev

Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott says the investigation, which The Associated Press first reported almost two years ago, has been completed and corrections officials now return cars to the agency vehicle pool instead of assigning them to top staff.

The report, made public Friday, cites little evidence superintendents and agency executives used state cars to respond to prison emergencies, unlike watch commanders, on-line supervisors, sergeants and others who are first responders and will still be assigned state vehicles.

Scott says using cars for commuting and non-business purposes by agency executives "was a waste of taxpayer dollars that should never have been sanctioned."

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