New York State Withdraws Appeal Regarding Classification of an Adirondack Lake

Jun 15, 2012

New York State has dropped its appeal of a court decision that classified Lows Lake in the Adirondacks as wilderness.

Lows Lake, located southwest of Tupper Lake in the Five Ponds wilderness area of the Adirondacks, has been the focus of controversy for some time because it has remained unclassified. Last August, as a result of a lawsuit brought by the Adirondack Mountain Club and Protect the Adirondacks!, state Supreme Court Justice Michael Lynch ruled Lows Lake is wilderness.  Last week the state attorney general's office formally withdrew its appeal of Lynch's decision, ending the case. Adirondack Mountain Club Executive Director Neil Woodworth says they had two major objectives when they filed the lawsuit.

Adirondack Park Agency Spokesman Keith McKeever says the agency has only a short statement regarding the state’s action to end the appeal.

Adirondack Council Spokesman John Sheehan says the APA had been unclear on a possible classification for Lows Lake and that had led to the lawsuit.  Sheehan says the court proceedings have confirmed that the State Land Master Plan must be followed by the state.

Neil Woodworth says this case underscores that lakes were just as important as forests and mountains when the Adirondack forest preserve was created.

The classification of Lows Lake as wilderness means motorized vehicles like floatplanes and motorboats are permanently banned.