NH could face $5 million in Pentagon civilian cuts

Feb 20, 2013

BOSTON (AP) — The Pentagon says New Hampshire could be facing $5.8 million in Defense Department civilian payroll cuts if automatic government spending cuts kick in March 1.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told Congress on Wednesday that if a budget deal isn't reached, he may have to shorten the workweek for the "vast majority" of the Defense Department's 800,000 civilian workers. They'd lose one day of work per week, or 20 percent of their pay, for up to 22 weeks, probably starting in late April.

GROTON, Conn. (July 22, 2009) Culinary Specialist 1st Class Joseph Appold hugs his 1-year-old son Kameron upon the return of the Virginia-class attack submarine USS New Hampshire (SSN 778) to Submarine Base New London. New Hampshire returned from her maiden deployment and was the first Virginia-class submarine to be deployed to the U.S. European Command area of responsibility.
Credit U.S. Navy / John Narewski

The Pentagon's budget chief, Robert Hale, told reporters the economic impact would be felt nationwide.

Pentagon figures show its civilian payroll in New Hampshire for the 2012 fiscal year was $68.8 million, and about $63 million for 2013.

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