In North Adams, Alcombright Elected to Third Term

Nov 5, 2013

Democrat Richard Alcombright greets supporters at the MediTerra restaurant in North Adams after being elected to a third term.
Credit Jim Levulis / WAMC

Voters in North Adams have elected Democrat Richard Alcombright to a third term as mayor.

Receiving 59 percent of the vote, Mayor Alcombright will remain in office for another two-year term.

“It’s just more of the same,” Alcombright said. “Keeping my feet to the fire. More economic development, more expansion, more business. Whatever we can do to grow this community.”

Republican challenger Robert Moulton Jr., a former city councilor, received 41 percent of the vote. With roughly 3,600 people voting, he points toward voter apathy as a reason for his defeat.

“I don’t what he’s going to do with the budget,” Moulton said. “I don’t where he is going to find that money. That’s going to be very interesting and it’s going to fall back on the taxpayers again.”

Alcombright says he is considering running again in 2015 if he continues to see progress in the city.