North Adams' Alcombright Urges Unity In State Of The City

Feb 12, 2014

North Adams Mayor Richard Alcombright

North Adams Mayor Richard Alcombright delivered his State of the City address Tuesday night.

Recently elected to a third two-year term, the Democrat stressed unity as the city continues work to reinvent itself.

“I’ll call them traditional ‘townies’ like me who still are a bit held back by the old industrialism concept and the way it was,” Alcombright said. “I’ve really come to realize over the last four years that we can’t be that anymore.”

After reducing a city budget deficit from $2.6 million to $300,000 over the past four years, Alcombright says he is disappointed in the amount of local aid proposed in Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s budget.

“We’re day to day,” the mayor said. “We are like most households in North Adams, we’re day to day. Paycheck to paycheck.”

The city is set to release its first master plan in decades in the coming months.