North Korean threats ‘very concerning,’ says Gibson

Apr 4, 2013

Credit wikipedia commons

WASHINGTON – Threats of attack by North Korea on the US and its allies is “very concerning” to Congressman Christopher Gibson (R-NY19).

The House member said on Wednesday that the administration in Washington is taking the “proper steps” in preparation of any action by the North Koreans.

“They are moving ballistic defense, they are moving some of our naval ships to the region so that we can have the necessary defense, but more specifically to have the deterrents that, along with some of the other joint forces, including the air forces that have had a show of force in the area, to demonstrate to North Korea that they have absolutely nothing to gain by going to war, in fact, they have everything to lose,” Gibson said.

The congressman also said this poses a “major responsibility” for China to get a peaceful resolution to the North Korean threats.